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here you'll find absolutely everything you need to throw your farthest

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Course & Patreon

Advanced Resources from Bowmanthrows

Discus Throw & Rotational Shot Put Course

Our course has everything you need to master discus throw and rotational shot put technique! Great for throwers and coaches!

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Thrower & Coach Support System on Patreon

This is your greatest companion on your journey to far throws. New thrower training plans and exclusive videos every month!   

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what people are saying 

"I didn’t think it was possible but my short training and re-orientation with you helped me placed 6th in my age group at the Asian Masters. Thank you again, John. Your passion for the sport is infectious!"

- Jonji Villa

"The course has been awesome, well laid out, and easy to understand! My stand throws and half turns have really come along. The concept of pushing was new to me, but really makes sense and I can feel the difference."

- Adam Snyder

"Your course is spot on for learning the full rotation. I like how you break down the movement into digestible parts and build from standstill to the full rotation."

- Peter Nerg

Meet our Coaches

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John Bowman

Discus Thrower, Teacher, and Creator of Bowmanthrows

Click HERE to read John's full bio

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Parker Schroeder, C.S.C.S.

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Click HERE to read Parker's full bio


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